If someone asked this question in the early 90’s when Ege Makina was just recently established, we would have had to explain ourselves in a much deeper manner and express how we formed Ege Makina around the ideals we strongly believed in.

Nevertheless, we are very grateful to observe that over the years of absolute dedication and concentrated hard work, Ege Makina have eventually came to a state where the answer to this question has already been ascertained by the companies who worked with us.

However, in order to give a brief explanation of EGE Makina to those we couldn't find a chance to work with yet, we proudly emphasize that our company is established on three absolutely pivotal cornerstones; quality, contentment and reliance.


Our main objective to achive desired quality always starts with a question; Is this product worthy of our customers? With this attitude we did our best to present you the very best and managed to assure our products throughout the years. This approach developed the spine of this company.


Your fullfilment is as valuable as the quality of our products. We know that providing the best product in the world does not mean certain contentment of our customers. Doing business with somebody is like a journey. This journey starts with the quotation and continues with delivery, erection and commissioning along with operation. In this journey, as your solution partner your absolute gratification is our number one priority.      


Around the years the meaning of this word cohered with the way we carry out our business. We come from a culture where the word is the bond. While doing our best to keep our word by exhibiting an attitude far away from commercial concerns we gained the eternal trust of our customers.


In conclusion, determination on specializing, the rationalist way of thinking and the ability to project economical technical solutions and setting apart the commercial concerns made us who we are today. After all these years we proudly claim that almost all companies we worked with is a friend of us. We are certain that our future friends will eventually grasp the true meaning and importance of the above statements for us in the years ahead.


Looking forward to many more fruitful years together.


Sincerely yours,